How to Fix @CW_Arrow

My favorite scene from Arrow Season 6 is Wild Dog calling his daughter when he thought he was going to die. The circumstances around that scene were utterly ridiculous but that scene felt real. I want the show to get back to having more of those character moments AND high caliber action.
That combination is exactly why the Pilot and the Midseason finale of season 3 are my favorite episodes.

It is imperative for Writers to play towards what that character would do and not just what the story needs them to do. That’s all the writers and the new showrunner(s) have to do to #FixArrow. Embody the characters and let their hopes and dreams, their fears and flaws dictate the story.

If you need more examples of what is basically Writing 101, just look at The Flash Season 1 or every episode of Supergirl.

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