February 2019 Content Update

Happy New Year! I am aware that February is a weird place to say that, but I consider February to be the start of the new Blog Year. I haven’t given you a Content Update since August 2018 and I have been keeping busy. I’ve continued to attend school and have recently decrease my working hours to focus on my studies. I am still working on maintaining a healthy balance but having more time away from my day job has given me more time to focus on the things that are important to my future.

I am also part of a Homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign for the last 5 months. I play a Level 6 Half-Orc Barbarian. He never wanted to be an adventurer and will gladly go back to his Garden Shop after he has stopped the threats coming for his home. A huge setback in his plans just happened last session and I am excited and worried for what will happened next. I love Dungeons and Dragons.

I’ve also made progress on the blog since the last Content Update. I am learning more and more about how to use WordPress and I have found a pretty consistent writing schedule for the blog. I even have a tentative schedule for what I plan on writing. In an effort to not burn myself out or unintentionally miss anymore blog days, I have set a hiatus day for March 20th. This hiatus day will give me time to enjoy my Spring Break and possibly work on larger school projects without a post’s deadline weighing me down.

This Spring season has the theme Action and Youth. The media that I consume and write abot will be action-packed, be about the wonders of youth, or have young people in an action role. I will be posting my Spring 2019 Media List shortly after this Content Update posts.

The main exception to this is the upcoming analysis of A Star is Born through its music. This article will take the place of my discussion of the Oscar nominations. I have not seen most of the movies that were nominated so I do not have the knowledge necessary to comment on all the nominations. I am excited that Black Panther is nominated for Best Picture and that Lady Gaga was nominated for Best Actress. Sometimes the Oscars gets it right.

The next Content Update is tentatively scheduled for May 29th. Until then….

Be sure to follow me on Twitter, TV Time, and Letterboxd. I’ll be back in two weeks with another article about the entertainment and news I give my life away to every day.


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