Written For Class: “For Every Moment I Am, I feel invincible.”

This was written in a Creative Writing Poetry Class in Spring 2020. The way this poem was written was by cutting words and phrases out of my poetry as well as the poetry of other students in the course in order to form a new poem. Once again uploading the poem as a PDF to maintain the integrity of structure. Enjoy 🙂


Written For Class – The Plague as Force: Losses and Gains

The following essay was written in Fall 2019 for an interdisciplinary course on Existentialism. In the course we read some of the works of Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Simone Weil. This essay is an exploration of The Plague by Albert Camus. Enjoy 🙂 In 1947, Albert Camus published his novel The … Continue reading Written For Class – The Plague as Force: Losses and Gains

Late Notice – Yuletide

Hello. I'm posting very quickly because this week's article, "MM17's 2018 Movie Roundup (January - March April)" is going to be a few days late. This holiday season put more strain on me than I anticipated, but I am still excited to post my thoughts on the movies that I've witnessed this year. Edit: The … Continue reading Late Notice – Yuletide

The Oscars Problem

I am not an avid supporter of the Oscars. Although the Academy's original intention may have been to honor films (and the creators behind them) that impact the industry and propel the cinema arts in a particular year, too often that is not what the Oscars achieve. The Oscars and other award-giving entities, at their … Continue reading The Oscars Problem

“End The Fight” – Captain America: Civil War Writing Exercise

Captain America: Civil War sparked a lot of debate about the ideologies of heroes Iron Man and Tony Stark. The Russo brothers created a masterful adaptation of the classic comic book event filled with philosophical quandaries and character depth. One of my favorite analyses of Civil War is this Tumblr post (Screenshot Below). Reading it inspired me to write a … Continue reading “End The Fight” – Captain America: Civil War Writing Exercise