Movie Roundup 2018 (September to December)

Looking at the list of movies I watched between September and December, I remember how busy I was at that time. I didn't watch nearly as much content as I usually do because I was focusing on my schoolwork. The few movies that I did enjoy show what I choose to watch when I have to be very selective.


The Oscars Problem

I am not an avid supporter of the Oscars. Although the Academy's original intention may have been to honor films (and the creators behind them) that impact the industry and propel the cinema arts in a particular year, too often that is not what the Oscars achieve. The Oscars and other award-giving entities, at their … Continue reading The Oscars Problem

“End The Fight” – Captain America: Civil War Writing Exercise

Captain America: Civil War sparked a lot of debate about the ideologies of heroes Iron Man and Tony Stark. The Russo brothers created a masterful adaptation of the classic comic book event filled with philosophical quandaries and character depth. One of my favorite analyses of Civil War is this Tumblr post (Screenshot Below). Reading it inspired me to write a … Continue reading “End The Fight” – Captain America: Civil War Writing Exercise

Written For Class – In Defense of Entertainment

We live in challenging times. Poverty, crime, racism, disinformation, and many other injustices threaten to destroy the prosperity of our nation alone. In times as tumultuous as these, how could anyone even consider sitting on the couch and watching reruns of Friends?